Roxanna Club

You are invited to apply to become a member of the Roxanna Club! There are four levels available, with a family option for three levels, ranging from $25/month to $175/month. All memberships all require a one-year commitment, with dues paid monthly. The benefits for each level are outlined below, and the rules and restrictions are listed after the benefits.

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  1. $25/month individual (Sustaining Member):
    • Two nights of free tent camping per month
    • $10 discount on any festivals hosted by landowners at Roxanna
  2. $50/month individual, $75/month family (Tent Club):
    • Only ten memberships at this level are available
    • Six nights of free tent camping per month
    • Free admission to any festivals hosted by landowners at Roxanna
  3. $75/month individual, $110/month family (RV Club):
    • Only five memberships at this level are available
    • Eight nights of free tent and/or RV camping per month (electricity use for AC & fridge is extra, no hookups available for RVs)
    • Free admission to any festivals hosted by landowners at Roxanna
  4. $125/month individual, $175/month family (Cabin Club):
    • Only five memberships at this level are available
    • The option to put or build a cabin at Roxanna
    • Member may rent out cabin
    • Ten free nights in tent, RV, and/or cabin per month (electricity use for AC & fridge is extra)
    • Free admission to any festivals hosted by landowners at Roxanna


Membership Rules:

  • All memberships are by invitation only and shall be approved by the landowners.
  • All memberships require a one-year commitment.
  • Infraction of any of the rules shall result in cancellation of membership without refund of dues paid.
  • Memberships above the Sustaining Member level are available as family memberships.
  • Individual members shall be age 19 or older.
  • Family memberships are designed for two adults plus children under the age of 19, living in the same household, with some flexibility available for special situations (triads, etc.) for extra fees.
  • Monthly dues are due on the first of each month, and will be considered late after the 5th day, at which time a late fee of $15 will be assessed.
  • Monthly dues which are over 30 days in arrears will result in the membership being cancelled for non-payment; at this time, all membership privileges will be revoked.
  • Memberships which have been cancelled for lack of payment or failure to abide by regulations shall not be reinstated for at least a period of six months from time of cancellation.
  • Memberships are not automatically renewed, but rather, shall be re-approved each year.
  • Upon cancellation or termination (non-renewal) of membership, all tents, RVs, cabins, and other personal property shall be removed or transferred to another member. Personal property not removed or transferred after 60 days after cancellation or termination of membership shall be considered abandoned and shall become the property of the landowners.
  • Membership in the Roxanna Club, at any level, does not grant the member free admission to any event held at Roxanna, except for those hosted by the landowners (currently, Moondance and FallFling).
  • Membership in the Roxanna Club, at any level, does not grant the member the right to attend any event, party, or gathering hosted at Roxanna.
  • Members shall be assigned a key to the gate to Roxanna, and are charged a $35 key deposit, which will be refunded when the key is returned upon cancellation or termination of membership. The fee to replace a lost key is $35, which covers a new lock and new keys for all members.
  • Members shall not loan their key to any other person, or make copies of the key to give to any other person.

Site Rules:

  • All visits to Roxanna (including day visits and overnight stays in tent, RV, or cabin) are subject to availability of the site.
  • Upon leaving Roxanna, members shall lock the gate, assuming no one else is left on site.
  • Use of the water at Roxanna is included in all memberships; however, as leaks sometimes happen, and because the water is shut off during extreme cold periods, availability of the water at any given time is not guaranteed, and no refunds or discounts will be given due to a lack of water.
  • Roxanna is a leave-no-trace site; members shall pack out everything brought in, including (and especially) trash. The fire pits are not acceptable places to leave any sort of trash, including cigarette butts, metal cans, bottle caps, or glass bottles.
  • Do not leave cigarette butts, bottle caps, or shotgun shells or bullet casings on the ground.
  • Campfires are allowed in existing fire rings only. Fires must be attended at all times. Extinguish fires completely with water when leaving them.
  • Members shall provide their own firewood; any firewood stacked on-site is intended for large gatherings. Any already-downed wood on site may be collected to be burned.
  • Membership in Roxanna Club does not include hunting rights. No hunting is allowed at Roxanna without specific prior permission from the landowners.
  • For safety and cleanliness reasons, all shooting of firearms is restricted to the rifle range.
  • Members assume any and all risk associated with visiting Roxanna, including dead trees falling, stray bullets during hunting season, attacks by wild animals, etc.
  • Members shall be responsible for the behavior and actions of any other people who visit Roxanna with them, including their children.
  • Pets are allowed to visit Roxanna with their people as long as they are well-behaved. Members are responsible for the behavior and actions of their pets and clean-up afterwards, including interactions with people and other animals and possible damage to the site. Dogs which are consistently poorly behaved will not be allowed to return.
  • As other campers or visitors may be present at Roxanna at any given time, polite, honorable, and lawful behavior towards any other people on-site is absolutely required. Failure to abide by this may result in expulsion from the site and/or revocation of membership benefits.
  • Any infraction of mundane law, i.e., theft, threat to or endangerment of others, etc., are grounds for immediate expulsion from the site, and possible arrest, if appropriate, plus possible revocation of membership benefits.

Camping/RV/Cabin Rules:

  • Members shall register in advance for overnight stays.
  • Camping dates are subject to availability; if a group or individual has reserved the entire site for a special event, those dates will be blacked out.
  • The allotted free nights of camping do not guarantee members exclusive use of the site; there may well be other campers visiting at the same time.
  • If there are not enough available dates in a particular month to provide the monthly number of allotted nights, the member's unused allotted nights may be rolled over to the following month. For all other reasons, unused allotted monthly nights shall not roll over to the following month.
  • Benefits for family memberships are per person; i.e., each family member in the Tent Club will receive six free nights of camping per month, and each will also receive free admission to on-site festivals hosted by landowners.
  • Free camping is limited to members of Roxanna Club; friends and family (beyond those included in family memberships) camping at the same time will pay the standard $10/person/night fee, or $5/night (if under 14). Members may give one or more of their free nights to a friend who is accompanying them (i.e., a member and a friend camp for two nights, for a total of four nights out of the allotted six for the Tent Club).
  • Camping/RV benefits cannot be "loaned" or sold to other members or to non-members, except for free nights as stated above.
  • Minors under the age of 19 must be and shall be accompanied by their parent or guardian when camping at Roxanna. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while at Roxanna.
  • Use of basic electricity (lights, fans) for tent camping is included in memberships; use of electricity for air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, and other high-usage items (for RVs and cabins) will be extra, with rates to be determined based on usage.
  • Tents and RVs (and other personal property) may not be left on-site; in other words, they must arrive with the member, and must leave when the member leaves. Any tents or other property left on-site for more than five days after member's departure shall be disposed of.
  • Tents and RVs should be placed in pre-existing open areas; no clearing of any trees shall be done without express permission from the landowners.
  • The landowners will mow the site periodically, but members are responsible for more detailed mowing and cleaning of their chosen camping area.
  • Members bringing in RVs assume all risk associated with such, and take responsibility for having RV removed if it becomes stuck or disabled.

Cabin Rules:

  • Cabins shall be no larger than 14x20, and shall be wood-sided, preferably medium to dark color, natural (stained), not painted.
  • The location for the cabin shall be approved in advance by the landowners and by other club members.
  • Cabins may be pre-built or built on-site from scratch.
  • If a pre-built cabin is desired, member is responsible for making sure the delivery truck can access the chosen location at Roxanna.
  • Members may connect electricity to their cabin. Cost for electricity will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on type and amount of usage. All electrical work must be done by a licensed electrician to avoid damage to the site and the electrical grid.
  • Locks on cabins are highly recommended; the landowners shall be provided with a key.
  • Member may rent cabin to other people at any time during the year, including special events. Members set their own nightly rental rates.
  • Renters of cabins shall register ahead of time with the landowners to reserve their camping dates if not attending a special event, and shall adhere to rules regarding blackout dates and private events and to all camping and site rules, just as regular members do.
  • Renters of cabins shall pay to the landowners the standard $10/person/night fee (or $5/night if under 14), in addition to paying their cabin rental fee to the cabin owner (unless they are attending a special event for which an individual or group has rented the entire site).
  • Ownership of a cabin can be transferred to another member or to the landowner upon expiration or cancellation of the original member's membership (price for cabin is to be determined by the two parties involved).
  • If a cabin is being purchased on a rent-to-own contract from an outside company, member is responsible for keeping up with monthly cabin payments; the Roxanna landowners are not responsible or liable for cabins which are repossessed due to non-payment under such contracts.
  • Upon expiration (and non-renewal) or cancellation of a membership, the cabin, pre-built or scratch-built, shall be removed from Roxanna, or shall be transferred to another member.
  • Cabins left on-site over 60 days past the expiration or cancellation of the membership, that are not transferred to another member or the landowner, are considered abandoned and automatically become the property of the landowner or will be liable to be repossessed by the renting/leasing company the cabin was purchased from.

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