What to Bring When Camping at Roxanna

Suggestions on What to Bring: -(** = Must Haves; * = Suggested)

bedding, air mattress, foam pad, sleeping bag, pillow**
tarp or dining fly for shade and rain*
hammock, rope
chairs for your camp*
small, folding chairs for workshops and drum circle*
folding table for your camp
food preparation supplies: cookstove, pots, utensils**
food for all meals, beverages, ice**
plenty of snacks, drinks, and cigarettes*
cooler for food storage
water for your camp - 3-5 gallons/person**
2 dishpans for dishwashing and cleanup, plus soap*
trash bags for your camp**
firewood, charcoal, lighter, etc.**
fire extinguisher, bucket for water*
citronella candles, tiki torches, fuel, funnel, plastic gloves
lanterns, flashlights, candles, extra batteries, fuel*
fly swatter, yard guard
yellow-jacket traps
clothes suitable for outdoors**
rain gear (poncho, hat, boots, umbrella)*
sandals and good walking shoes**
bug spray**
sunscreen, hat**
towels, biodegradable soap, shampoo, solar showers*
allergy and other medicines, bandaids, first aid stuff**
earplugs for light sleepers
fun clothes or costumes
camera and film (get permission from subjects!)
instruments, especially DRUMS*
kites, bubbles, frisbees, hackey-sack, bull-roarers, other toys
money for vendors & food vendors
materials fees (some workshops may charge a few dollars)
an open heart and mind**

What not to bring:

an attitude
psychotic people
irresponsible parents
illegal substances
firearms and other weapons