2020 Site Rental Rates for Roxanna

NOTE: Rates have increased, especially for overnight events, due to increased wear on the land and facilities. Please review the updated rates below.

NOTE: The maximum number of people Roxanna can accommodate is 100.

Day/Evening Group Use Site Rental Rates: $7 per person
Minimum charge $50
*Security/damage deposit $50 for 1-25 people; $100 for 26-50 people
Rate is for 8-hour time period, no overnight camping

Overnight Group Rental Rates (one or more nights): *Price based on total number of people on-site, not just people camping overnight*
10 or fewer people = $15/person/night
11-30 people = $14/person/night
31-100 people = $13/person/night
Children 12 and under are free if parent or guardian is in attendance
Minimum charge $50/night
*Security/damage deposit: $100 for 1-25 people; $200 for 26-50 people; $300 for 51-100 people
Rate is for 24-hour time period; Check-in no earlier than noon (certain exemptions apply), check-out no later than 3 pm the following day. If renting for a weekend, rental will be for a 48-hour time period.

Other Fees:
Small chest freezer: $5/day
Large chest freezer: $10/day
Extra electricity (for vendors, etc): $5/day/cord
Trash removal fee: $25/truckload


Site Rules:
Before reserving Roxanna, you must read and agree to all of the site rules.

Cap of 100:
No more than 100 people are allowed on the site at any one time, including event staff, organizers, and children.

*Security/Damage Deposits:
All day use and overnight group reservations require a refundable security/damage deposit (see deposit amounts in rental rates). This deposit must be paid no less than one week (seven days) prior to the beginning of your event. All or part of your deposit may be forfeit for violating any of the terms of your reservation contract. The deposit is fully refundable if the site is left in good condition and regular servicing is sufficient to prepare for the next group. If excessive land staff intervention is required, you will be charged. You will be notified if your deposit is retained for any reason. Otherwise, deposits will be refunded within 14 working days after your event (or will be deducted from the final payment due for the rental).

Paying for Site Rental:
All site rental payments are to be made on the final day of the event at check-out time, so that a total of number of people can be assessed, and other fees added, such as firewood, trash, extra electricity, etc.

No Refunds:
There are no refunds or discounts for bad weather or for rain during your stay. If you cancel your event or fail to show up after you have paid your security/damage deposit, the deposit will be forfeited.

Key Deposit:
Usually a member of the land staff will unlock the gate, but if you are entrusted with a key for the duration of your visit, there will be a $35 key deposit charged, which will be returned when the key is returned.

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures:
You must inform us of your expected arrival time, so that a member of the land staff can unlock the gate and meet you at the site to do a pre-event walk-through. On the final day, a member of the land staff will again do a walk-through of the site with you after all camps have been cleared and all attendees have departed. The site must be cleared, cleaned, and empty of all people by no later than 5:00 pm on the last day.

Basic use of our limited electricity for event-related purposes is included in the site rental fee; this includes the lights at the top of the hill, the water heater, the lights in the shower, lights in the pavilion, and outlets for blowing up air mattresses, charging phones, and C-PAP machines. Any use of any electricity beyond this will be extra (for vendors, etc.); the current rate is $5/day/power cord. The event coordinator is responsible for keeping up with electricity usage, and for collecting money from attendees. NOTE: Please do not plug in refrigerators or AC units inside campers or RVs, as the system will not handle the load. If the electricity goes out, the well pump goes out, which means no running water.

There are two chest freezers in front of the camper. You may plug one or both in, but as these put a large drain on the electricity, there is an extra fee for these.

The water is supplied by a well, and excessive usage of water and times of drought may cause the well to run dry. Reasonable use of the water, including the hot showers, sinks, and spigots, at Roxanna is included. The water is not to be used to fill pools, and showers must be kept to a short length. Also, if the power goes out, the water will not work, as the pump is powered by electricity. Finally, as leaks sometimes happen, and because the water is shut off during extreme cold periods, availability of the water at any given time is not guaranteed, and no refunds or discounts will be given due to a lack of water.

Any pine that is cut and stacked may be used freely for small campfires. Any hardwood that is cut and stacked is usually reserved for other private events; please do not use this without prior permission. Any downed trees on site are available for use for no charge. You may use the cut pine logs stacked at the top of the hill; depending on the amount of usuage, there may be a fee assessed.

Roxanna is a leave-no-trace site, and does not provide trash cans or provide any sort of trash removal service, except as pre-arranged with a fee. For a fee of $25 per truckload (small truck), we can haul your trash off for you, either during the event or on the last day. All trash MUST be fully bagged; no loose items will be allowed. NOTE: The dumpster down the road is for Lee County residents only, who have paid the fee with their property tax; anyone else caught leaving trash there is subject to a large fine.

There are no on-site toilets. For portapotties, we recommend East Alabama Porta Toilet: (334) 283-2412.
Please have portapotties delivered on the first day of your event, rather than earlier in the week. Portapotties may be picked up the day after the event ends.

Pets are allowed at the discretion of the renting organization or person; however, any animals brought to Roxanna must have proof of all current vaccines (pet owners must bring paper from vet).

Roxanna Land Staff:
During the event, one or more members of the Roxanna land staff must be allowed by the Renting Organization to be present on-site at all times during the event, at no cost, as a security measure, to answer further questions, and to handle any issues or problems that arise.

Problems During Event:
If something happens during the course of your event, such as a breaker flips, a pipe breaks, etc., please let one of us know as soon as possible so the problem can be fixed and doesn't cause further damage (continued water leaks, etc.). Failure to alert us to a problem can result in your deposit not being refunded.

Included in Rental Rates:

  • Use of electricity (not for AC)
  • Use of running water
  • Use of hot showers

NOT Included in Rental Rates:

  • Firewood
  • Trash pickup or haul-off - you must take ALL your own trash home with you
  • Portapotties - you must rent these on your own
  • Security services
  • First aid or medical services
  • Electricity to run air conditioning
  • Electricity for individual attendees at group events

Roxanna is located about 30 miles northwest of Auburn, Alabama, near Waverly, Camp Hill, and Dadeville. For information on reservations and pricing, call Linda Kerr at (334) 787-9332, or send email.

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