Rules for Roxanna

Site Waiver: By attending festivals or events held at Roxanna, you agree to abide by all stated rules. You also agree to hold harmless the owners of the site of Roxanna, the organizers and staff of the festival or event you are attending, and all its representatives, from all claims, actions, expenses and demands in respect to injury, loss or damage to my person or property, however caused, arising in connection with your participation even if the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the owners, the said body, or of any of its representatives.

Legal Stuff: All attendees must abide by all state and federal laws. There shall be no drinking or possession of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21. Illegal substances are absolutely forbidden by any and all attendees. Don't use drugs at Roxanna; don't even bring them. Any infraction of mundane law, i.e., theft, threat to or endangerment of others, etc., are grounds for immediate expulsion from the site, and possible arrest, if appropriate.

Firearms are not allowed at Roxanna any time before, during, or after the event.

First Aid: Roxanna does not provide medical or first aid for any event. The Rental Organization is responsible for providing any first aid supplies or medical personnel required for the event. Roxanna or property owners will not be held responsible for inadequate or improper medical care that is provided during rental period. The nearest hospital is East Alabama Medical Center, 2000 Pepperell Parkway Opelika, AL 36801; (334) 749-3411.

Camp Fires: Assuming there is no burn ban in place, personal camp fires are allowed in the common areas, but not on the rocks or in the woods. Fires must be attended at all times. Extinguish fires completely with water when leaving them. All fires that are in grassy, mowable areas must be contained and off the ground, and all items such as rocks, bottle caps, and other trash must be removed after the event. For campfires, please bring your own firewood. Also, please practice common sense with your fires, and don't build a huge roaring fire and then leave it unattended.

Dead trees: There are several dead pine trees on-site. Please be aware of these when parking and placing your tent, as they can fall without warning, and cause serious injury or damage.

Pets are allowed at the discretion of the festival/event organizers; however, any animals brought to Roxanna must have proof of all current vaccines (pet owners must bring paper from vet).

Roxanna is private property, and is NOT open to the public in any way, form or fashion. Rental of Roxanna for an event, or attendance at an event, does NOT provide access to Roxanna at any other time, or for any other reason. Permission must be obtained from the land owners in order to visit. Payment for and attendance at any festival or event does not provide you access to Roxanna at any other time or for any other reason. You may register to camp, depending on availability, for $10/person/night.

The rocks here support a very fragile eco-system. Please respect this by not driving on them, and by stepping lightly, if at all, on the lichens and other plants on the rocks. Please don't carry glass onto the rocks. Be careful walking barefoot; there's glass on the rocks, briars on the roads, and prickly pear everywhere.

DO NOT DROP CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND! Put them in your pocket or an empty bottle, but make sure they wind up in your trash, not on the ground. Please respect this land as you would your own.

Trash: There are no common trash cans at Roxanna. We follow a Leave No Trace ethic, where each attendee is responsible for removing his/her trash and taking it home. The dumpster down the road is legally only open to residents of Lee County who have paid the garbage fee; if caught putting trash here, you are liable to steep fines. The festival/event organizers may choose to pay to have the Roxanna staff remove trash at the end of the event; if this is the case, ALL TRASH MUST BE BAGGED, and be put in a common area for easy pick up.

Roxanna has running water at the top of the hill, and hot showers. Please take brief showers, so that the propane tank is not emptied. Festival organizers will be charged for excessive propane use.

Electricity is VERY LIMITED. There is a charge of $5/day per plug for electricity, payable to the event organizers; please do not plug in campers or RVs, as the system will not handle the load. If the electricity goes out, the well pump goes out, which means no running water.

If you don't like to camp, there are reasonably priced hotels within 30 miles, in nearby Auburn and Opelika. Do a Google search for hotels in Auburn & Opelika, AL, and you'll find plenty.